Bluegrass from Hell,  You will Shit Your Pants


Whiskey Business conjures a death-defying, foot stomping bluegrass brouhaha to tickle your brain and slap your granny. Pushing their instruments and bodies to the breaking point and beyond, bitch-ass punks can't help but mosh to their sexy, sexy music.


"As country as a meth lab, and twice as explosive" - Austin Chronicle

"Fuck this band." - Vladimir Putin

"Who the fuck is Whiskey Business?" - Everyone Else


Formed in 2007 by Clyde Clowe and Clem Cowan, the Biz has earned a reputation for raucous live shows and wicked parties thrown across the country. Whether it's your daughter's quincinera, your kid's bar mitzvah, or your uncle just got out of jail, Whiskey Business makes every party complete.

The Biz Iz:

Clyde Clowe, Clem Cowan, Smokin Guns, Chubbs Cox, Skwerl, Ol Red and Boxcar Stanley